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Our 70 acre forested property is  is home to a rich diversity of plants and wildlife.  The headwaters of Seymour Brook in the Otter Creek Watershed begin here, home to a large beaver pond, heron rookery, and valuable wetland habitat for resident and migratory wildlife.  As members of the Vermont Woodlands Association and the American Tree Farm System, we are a Certified Tree Farm, managing our forest for Timber, Wildlife, Recreation, and Water under careful stewardship guidelines.  Guests on the property are encouraged to enjoy the network of marked trails within the property boundary.  

      A portion of our forest is home to our Maple Sugaring operation.  We produce our own Pure Vermont Maple Syrup with sap gathered from our forest and boiled over a wood-fire, the old-fashioned way.  We are members of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association and the Addison County Maple Sugar Makers' Association.   We welcome visitors to our sugarhouse late-February through the end of March.  Our maple syrup can be purchased on the farm or online in the Farm Store.

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