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At the junction of the Green Mountains and the Champlain Valley of Vermont, we manage our working forest under careful stewardship guidelines to support a healthy ecosystem.  We are a Certified Tree Farm and members of the Vermont Woodlands Association,  managing our forest for Timber, Wildlife, Recreation, and Water quality.  

Each year, we celebrate the coming of spring by harvesting fresh maple sap from our trees and carefully boiling it over a wood fire to bring you our pure and traditional Vermont Maple Syrup.  We welcome visitors to our sugarhouse late-February through the end of March.  Guests on the property are encouraged to explore the sugarbush through the network of marked trails within the property boundary.  Our Audubon certified Bird-Friendly maple syrup can be purchased on the farm or online in the Farm Stand.

We are proud members of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association and the Addison County Maple Sugar Makers' Association.   

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